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      Add-On Underlift Experts    
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Heavy Duty Wheel Lift
The industry’s only wheel lift that can handle dump trucks to mid size SUVs. No bars to change, no ratchets to connect. Straps remain connected to strap-winch for ultra convenient winding. Wheel trays provide secure support for tires from 15 to 24.5. Easily handle luxury coaches with the low profile, damage-free wheel lift. Wheel lifting assembly can remain in place during storage for simple re-use. Powder coated paint for long life and quality appearance.
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Testimonial 1 “A good friend of mine called me recently and asked me to come out and tow him and his Ford Explorer. I was just finishing up a tow with my Zacklift Z303. I was miles out from my shop but in the direction of where he broke down. I never could have done it if I didn’t have the Heavy Duty Wheel Lift to tow 15 or 16 inch tires. The range of that wheel lift is really something.

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I never double pick anything under even these rear ends that are so super hard to tow these days. I never want to damage ANYTHING with these ABS brakes. By scooping from the outside I can keep from touching any of these sensor wires. You never get anywhere near the slack adjuster or brake pot.

I just leave everything together and folded up when I’m not using it. Then you just slide the side arms out and slip the spoons under your tires. I couldn’t do without it these days.”


For Wheel Lift Operation Instructions

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    Steertek Forks Steertek Forks
8 ¼” x 3” solid high tensile cast steel fork for any supersized job. Air suspensions, with hollow beam front axles require special attention. Perfect for Hendrickson Airtek / Steertek™ composite axles.
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Trailer / 5th Wheel Hitch
Multi-function accessory complete with a 2 5/16” trailer ball on a 20,000 pound pintle. Grab flat bed trailers with the heavy, ring-locked pintle. No tools necessary. Drop in the 5th wheel plate for empty semi trailer hauling and goose-neck 5th wheel travel trailers. The Trailer Hitch / 5th Wheel Hitch drops into any 2” fork receivers. You’ll never have to return home to swap out the FIFTHWHEELER for trailer towing.

“I was called out with my FIFTHWHEELER to winch out a dump truck. While on the scene I was called for a semi-trailer. I didn’t have to go back to my shop to change equipment or take the FIFTHWHEELER off. I just used the 5th Wheel Hitch and handled it without delaying my customer and costing me time and fuel.”

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    Spring Forks Spring Forks
Cast from high strength steel, these rugged forks pin over the spring shackle for an alternate hook-up location. The fully pivoting load point allows for the necessary range of motion of the vehicle-in-tow for safe, non-binding transporting.

“I really like them for hauling, say, a two ton delivery truck. They usually haul like a big box, which would rock from side to side if you had it by the axle. But when you lift it by the springs it’s a solid, stable hook-up and tow.”

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Chain Attachment Blocks
“A few years back, I came up with the accessory that we offer called the CHAIN ATTACHMENT BLOCKS. Zacklift is always listening to their customers. They really want to know about their ideas for needed accessories and ideas for new shapes of forks as the industry changes. The end user is the expert. They’re the ones out there, day in and day out, challenging the equipment. Putting it to the test.”

“On this occasion, I was called out to tow a tractor trailer that was broken down in the middle of a busy intersection. We’ve all been there. The first thing the police officer says when you arrive is, ‘Hurry up. How long will this take. We’ve got to get traffic moving.’ I unfold the Zacklift and look under the front of the truck. It’s a set back axle Freightliner. They have a plastic front bumper that sets really low, and this truck had low profile rubber. That’s what’s nice about having the right equipment to do the job. With Zacklift’s low profile head and angled cross bar I was able to easily hook up without double picking. This is where I thought: Now if there was a faster way to safely secure the axle I could be out of here even quicker. I moved the truck out of the way and the officer followed me and thanked me for getting the job done in record time, He said ‘Man you are good’. I didn’t bother to tell him that anyone looks good when operating the best equipment money can buy. I went back to the shop and built a set of these BLOCKS and tested them for quite some time. Now I can get out of the middle of an intersection even quicker. And that’s a good thing!!”

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Scoop-n-Go Scoop-n-Go
Fork & fork receiver all in one, the Scoop-n-Go provides the lowest
profile available with a 6” overall height. The Scoop-n-Go slides easily under chrome bumpers and costly valances. Made of super strength cast steel, the Scoop-n-Go has no moving parts. This versatile accessory will become the primary fork for all hard-to-get jobs.

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Height Extenders Height Extenders
Drop in any fork for reaching a tough to reach location, or for gaining 5” of extra height.

“I had to haul a big four wheel drive farm tractor out of a field and I needed plenty of ground clearance. I had to pick it up from the high spot on the frame; I never could have gotten to the axle. Being a four wheel drive the front differential was all locked up so the wheels wouldn’t turn, so I had to hook up from the front. Without the Height Extenders I never could have brought it in.”

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2 x 4 Fork 2 x 4 Fork
Only 2” high and 4 inches across at the base.
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    Big Mack Rear End Fork Big Mack Rear End Fork
The Big Mack a 10-3/4” opening by 6” high. Sold separately or in pairs.
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Cable Guide
With a 6” diameter sheave accommodating up to 3/4” cable, the Zacklift cable guide can be used in conjunction with any deck winch. The guide mounts on top of the main vertical section of any Zacklift. Factory installation included. Included with Winch Option or sold separately.

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    Wireless Remote Control Wireless Remote Control
This pocket size remote control will provide limitless positioning during hook-up. The high quality chassis- mounted decoder updates a digital signal several times per second to eliminate outside interference. The unit is compatible with all existing Zacklift equipment. It is easily operator installed in less than 30 minutes.
Deluxe Accessory Package
Heavy Duty Wheel Lift
Steertek Forks
Trailer / 5th Wheel Hitch
Spring Forks
Height Extenders

  Deluxe Accessory Package
  Removable Toolbox  

Tooboxes remove completely along with the Zacklift during the simple drive off procedure, just like a trailer.

Everything stays safely housed with the Zacklift when the Custom Aerodyne Toolboxes are included with the Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER. Not an add-on, the futuristic design of the Zacklift Toolboxes were engineered to be application specific. Housing every necessary accessory, the entire Wheel Lifting Assembly will store in just one side.

The gull-wing, lift up doors are safer than opening doors into the lane of traffic or lowering over tires. Everything is there when you need it, every time.

  Toolbox Specifications
  Toolbox Images
    Storage Rack    
    Toolboxes include storage rack for all Zacklift standard equipment with generous space for much more.    
    Toolbox Valve    
    Valve is factory mounted in toolbox with hoses pre-routed through
FIFTHWHEELER beam. This complete mounting is provided for either No-
Charge Option; the Self-Contained Power Pack or the PTO-Ready Valve.
Fifthwheeler Leg Picture   FIFTHWHEELER Stifflegs are the exclusive design innovation of Zacklift International. Engineered with the same rugged power as the permanently mounted Big Foot Series, the FIFTHWHEELER Legs are bolted into place on the mounting beam. 100% factory installed and plumbed; the height, angle and travel distance are all engineered by the installation experts at Zacklift. No labor is required for immediate use. The two section lever operated valve is completely installed in-series with the Zacklift valve. All plumbing is cleanly routed through the interior of the FIFTHWHEELER beam at the Zacklift factory. Dual 5” D-rings are standard equipment on the FIFTHWHEELER Legs.

The FIFTHWHEELER Legs carry a 25,000 pound push rating, measured by the strength of each leg. Exterior housing measurements are 5 x 5 x 3/8”, interior 4 x 4 x 1/2”. Cylinder travel allows for 12” beyond ground level for deep, aggressive anchoring power. The 18” super wide-surface foot pad is designed for the dual purpose of flat surface stabilization and angled recovery anchor stabilization. A single one-man, one-step operation pulls and replaces a single pin to move between the trade-mark angle claw for digging and flat-surface stabilizing.
  Fifthwheeler Leg Pictures  
  Mounted Winch  

20,000 & 30,000 Pound Warn Planetary Winch

Winch Package includes factory mounted Zacklift cable guide located on Zacklift mast, and necessary valve section installed in-series in Zacklift valve.

Winch includes FIFTHWHEELER mounting plate with winch factory mounted and plumbed. All hoses and fittings are installed and routed through beam’s interior.

Optional 200’, ½” wire rope and 2 ½” swaged T-hook.

  Winch Options  
    Cable Guide Image    
    Cable Guide included and installed with Winch option    
Hydraulic Plumbing   All hydraulic plumbing is provided in the winch package and is factory routed through beam
Fender Picture 1   Fender Picture 2   A fender package is available to complete the FIFTHWHEELER. Factory installed hanging brackets eliminate any need for drilling or welding.

Bright, smooth and shiny, these aluminum fenders look sleek and modern with no stiffening ribs. 1/8” extra strength aluminum plate has a show quality appearance.
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