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Fifthwheeler Leg Picture   FIFTHWHEELER Stifflegs are the exclusive design innovation of Zacklift International. Engineered with the same rugged power as the permanently mounted Big Foot Series, the FIFTHWHEELER Legs are bolted into place on the mounting beam. 100% factory installed and plumbed; the height, angle and travel distance are all engineered by the installation experts at Zacklift. No labor is required for immediate use. The two section lever operated valve is completely installed in-series with the Zacklift valve. All plumbing is cleanly routed through the interior of the FIFTHWHEELER beam at the Zacklift factory. Dual 5” D-rings are standard equipment on the FIFTHWHEELER Legs.

The FIFTHWHEELER Legs carry a 25,000 pound push rating, measured by the strength of each leg. Exterior housing measurements are 5 x 5 x 3/8”, interior 4 x 4 x 1/2”. Cylinder travel allows for 12” beyond ground level for deep, aggressive anchoring power. The 18” super wide-surface foot pad is designed for the dual purpose of flat surface stabilization and angled recovery anchor stabilization. A single one-man, one-step operation pulls and replaces a single pin to move between the trade-mark angle claw for digging and flat-surface stabilizing.
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