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The Weight Distribution Mathematical Formula may be utilized to calculate the total amount of weight any truck can lift. POINT OF LIFT OFF is the moment when the front axle leaves the ground due to loading the underreach. General rule suggests that 50% of front axle weight be maintained on the ground for safe steering and braking.

The following information is necessary for computing lifting ability:

Truck front axle weight (actual scale weight):

FRONT AXLE WEIGHT   (Numbers Only)

Knowledge of truck wheel base – axle to axle or axle to center of dual rear axles (bogie): 

WHEELBASE   (Numbers Only)

Length of overhang to tow-point-of contact (rear axle or bogie to frame forks):

OVERHANG   (Numbers Only)
  Scaling Diagram  
  Zacklift guarantees the most forward mounting location of any retrofit underlift in the world. The FIFTHWHEELER mounting will position the critical tilt cylinder within a fraction of the rear end housing. The location of this cylinder is factory preengineered for optimal performance.  
  “I came back from Atlanta with a truck that weighed 14,700 on the front axle. We crossed the scales, got the green light, and never had to stop. We’d of had to turn that run down if we didn’t have the Zacklift I built. Now our fleet of late model heavies are sitting at the shop while the Zacklift is out making us money. Thanks for all your valuable help, Karl.”
Don Weaver, Don’s Truck Towing & Wash, Inc. - Sedalia, MO
  “Trash- trucks loaded dump trucks- drivers can’t find anything they can’t lift. I love it!”
Art Cristie, Brothers Towing II, Inc., Palm Springs, CA
  “I run 11 states and never have to worry about scaling. This thing tows everything. Trucks, buses, even rear tows on vans. With all the reach it makes it easy to hook up.”
Ned Coleman, L&N Truck Service, Ellenwood, GA
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