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About Zacklift International

Company Overview

Zacklift International is the world leader for heavy duty detachable towing equipment. Established in 1982, their patented products are used around the world by governments and militaries, including the US Air Force, and America’s largest truck manufacturers and haulers, including Freightliner, Sterling, Navistar, White, Western Star, PAM Transport, and SWIFT Transportation. 


The service you will receive before, during and for years after the sale, will be the best you’ve ever experienced.
Service that will astound you.



…by the US Airforce in the Middle East, to city governments for garbage packers. Zacklift has been chosen by America’s truck manufacturers including Freightliner, Sterling, Navistar and White and by the companies that keep America moving like PAM Transport.  SWIFT Transportation, America’s largest trucking company, has been transporting their rigs with Zacklift FIFTHWHEELERs for over a decade.

2017 – Zacklift’s 35-year anniversary as the first US manufacturer of Retrofit Wheel/Frame Lifts.  The brand of THE RETROFIT EXPERTS began.
2016 – Worldwide Equipment Sales of Illinois, Michigan, California and Nevada are recognized for outstanding, record Zacklift Sales.
2015 – FIFTHWHEELER STIFFLEGS, now in 2 sizes, 7″ 38,000 lb and 5″ 25,000 lb.
2013 – ZIP’S silver anniversary as Zacklift distributors.
2012 – Zacklift celebrates 30 years of engineering the world’s most respected retrofit Underlifts.
2011 – Peter and David Cosby of England celebrate 20 years as Zacklift distributors.
2009 – World’s first FIFTHWHEELER STIFFLEGS are introduced.
2007 – 7,100,933 Patent issued. FIFTHWHEELER with multiple mounting variations.
2006 – Trick My Truck regularly features Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER owned by series star Bryan Martin.  Chrome Shop Mafia become friends and fans of Zacklift.
2003 – CE Mark issued. Meeting the standards for European Quality Assurance.
2002 – Carosserie van Wiemeersch N.V. of Belgium is established as the Central European Distribution base for Zacklift.
2000 – 6,071,065 Patent issued. Safety brake. 6,095,748 Patent issued. Over frame forward cylinder mounting.
1999 – 5,988,974 Patent issued. Heavy Duty Multi Position Wheel lift.
1998 – The first FIFTHWHEELER underreach is introduced. 5,762,465 Patent Issued. light/medium wheel lift assembly. 5,853,283 Patent issued. Over frame cylinder mounting.
1996 – Zacklift’s Z453 is introduced as the first 3-stage retrofit underreach.
1995 – 5,391,044 Patent issued. Independent lift and fold function.
1993 – Zacklift moves into the custom constructed manufacturing plant.
1992 – The 40,000 pound Z402 is introduced. Expanding the Zacklift line to 6 models.
1991 – The Exporter 2020 is sold in Paris and dubbed by the media as “The Largest Wrecker in the World”, requiring police escort to the scene.
1989 – Zacklift’s original Z5000 is engineered to a larger rating of Z6500.
1988 – The reach of the Zacklift Z20 surpasses 100″.
1987 – The first 30,000 pound retrofit underreach is sold. Zacklift’s Z20.
1986 – The industry’s first heavy duty retrofit underreach is added to the line, the Zacklift Z10. Two choices of reaches are available.
1985 – The first motorhome hauling retrofit underreach is introduced.  The Zacklift Z7000.
1984 – Susan Zackovich assumed directorship of Zacklift Sales, Marketing and Engineering.
1983 – Sales begin on the Zacklift Hydraulic Stifflegs.
1982 – Z5000 Underlifts are sold, establishing Zacklift as the U.S.’ first retrofit wheel/frame lift.
1981 – Zackovich begins conceptualizing the Zacklift add-on wheel and frame lift. Recognizing the need for damage free towing, as the gas-crunch forces auto makers to build lighter, more aerodynamic cars. The goal is to produce a retrofit for the tower to begin underlifting with a truck he already owns.
1963 – Business is expanded to include heavy duty towing and recovery in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.
1959 – Building expansion makes East End Motors the largest most modern facility in the area. International Harvester truck sales is now added.
1950 – Rambler and Hudson Automobile Dealership is established at East End Motors, Inc.
1948 – S. Ed Zackovich, Jr joins the family business at 20 years of age (though he’s been working there since he was 7), establishing a new modern facility, now named East End Motors, Inc.
1923 – Stanley Zackovich, Sr. opens Stanley’s Auto Service Center in Cle Elum, Washington.
The people at Zacklift are the reason why I’m about to buy my 6th Zacklift. It’s great to call them, they just know everything there is about using Zacklift equipment.  I’m putting together a 300” wheelbase truck, making what I’d call a transporter; a Zacklift without a boom. It just makes sense for most of what we do.  My first Zacklift was 20 years ago, and I really haven’t seen any equipment or service like this. We wear out a truck and switch the Zacklift to the next one. I’d have to say I like everything about this equipment.

-Somerset, PA

Pat Herring

JE Herring Motor Company