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Zacklift REACH is actual useable distance from upright to crossbar.  Not “Reach Past Tailboard.”
Zacklift OVERHANG is the industry’s best center of gravity and weight transfer.

Zacklift Reach
Zacklift Reach


2” T1, 100,000 pound Yield Lowest Profile Crossbar
1 ¼” T1 Plated Wall Thickness
Structurally Narrow for fitting between frame, shifting weight to ideal forward location

Compact Engineering for forward most fulcrum
Roller Bearing in critical pivot hub with tension control
4130 High Grade Chromoly pins throughout
33 Individual Nylatron™ Friction Pads, 360°, front & aft
American Made Cylinders. Threaded Endcaps, Rebuildable


25’ Remote Controller
5 Sets Frame Forks
Hook End Caps
4-Way Fork Receiver
12” Extension Fork Receiver
American made sectional Electronic Valve


Front Stands
Fork Storage Holder
Air & Electrical Lines
Passenger Side Controls
Safety Chains and Deep Pocket Storage
Emergency Lighting
Stop, Tail & Turn Lighting
Glad-hand/Fitting to Tractor, Trailer and Air Tools


Bigfoot Stifflegs
20 or 30K Warn Planetary Winch, with Cable & Cable Guide
Custom Aerodyne Toolboxes
Fender Package
Wireless Remote Control, 6 or 8 Function
Complete Wet Line Kit
Second Truck Mounting Kit
Wheel Lift
Additional Towing Attachments


Minimum Wheelbase 240”
More Wheelbase = More Lifting Ability

Trash trucks, loaded dump trucks; our drivers can’t find anything they can’t lift and scale. I love it.

-Palm Springs, CA

Art Cristie

Brothers Towing II, Inc.

We have a Z453. It’s the best reach, best performance, best value.

-Western Australia

Rob Waters

Daynite Towing

I came back with a truck weighing 14,700 on the front. We crossed the scales, got the green light, and never had to stop. We’d of had to turn that run down if we didn’t have the Zacklift I built. Now our fleet of late model heavies are sitting at the shop while the Zacklift is out making money.

-Sedalia, MO

Don Weaver

Don's Truck Towing and Wash, Inc.

All ratings are structural, not reflecting truck capacity.