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Delivered ready for the road, ready to turn a profit


Own a state-of-the-art transporter…

…for a fraction of the cost of a complete wrecker and never damage costly, fragile airfoils and chrome trim.   Scale successfully across every state with equipment that is engineered with a laser focus on weight distribution. Forward mounting, compact retraction and carefully designed weight, combine to provide thousands of extra pounds of payload.


  • Delivered factory assembled, wired, plumbed and Ready for The Road
  • Hooks up and drops just like a semi-trailer
  • Move the equipment when YOU need to
  • Move the FIFTHWHEELER between trucks. No modifications. All equipment removes with it
The Zacklift does absolutely everything they said it would do.  It does a fantastic job!

-Rockport, MO

Vic Graybill

Graybill Tire & Repair


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The Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER backs on just like a semi-trailer.

  When not attached the FIFTHWHEELER mounting hardware will not
with normal trailer operation.

I have 2 trucks that I change my Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER back and forth on. It’s easy and there’s really nothing out there that compares. It just works great.

-Colby, KS

Butch Cox

Butch's Body Shop