A Visit from Casey LaDelle of Cascade Heavy Rescue

November 6, 2023

We were thrilled to host Casey LaDelle of Cascade Heavy Rescue at our facility in Cle Elum Washington last month as he attached his new GENESIS 30T to his recently acquired wrecker. Casey featured it on a recent episode of his popular YouTube Channel, explaining how he believes this is a very versatile and cost effective business investment.

As Casey shares in his episode, the Zacklift GENESIS 30T is a very capable integrated 30 ton wrecker boom with two 30K planetary winches and a 22,000 fully extended lift rating.  The integrated underlift is rated at 16,000 pounds fully extended, and retracted can lift a fully loaded commercial vehicle up to 35,000 pounds.

Casey was impressed not only by its lifting capabilities, but shared how the detaching process only takes a total of 10 minutes to complete. It's just a matter of loosening a few bolts with an impact gun, lowering your forward jack stands, unhooking hydraulic connections, releasing your fifth wheel pin and driving out from under it.

Because your wrecker is a teeter-totter when handling a heavy dead commercial vehicle, the Zacklift GENESIS 30T has 5 load bearing points to keep the cargo steady with the main boom lift cylinders positioned right on the center of the chassis over the fifth wheel plate, exactly where it should be for maximum load carrying stability. 

Casey talked about the benefits of its two-pump hydraulic system, plumbed to allow both to operate autonomously at full capacity for maximum recovery control. 

The forward jack stands are also completely detachable so they can be stowed away while not in use. He also gave a tour of all the storage areas capable of holding all of his towing equipment.

One of his favorite features of his recent equipment acquisition is the brand new patent pending Quick-Back quick release tie back system just recently introduced by Zacklift. Many times towing operators forget to unhook their recovery hooks and break the standard cheesy tie backs currently on the market. These handy new spring-loaded clamps keep the hooks in place and then with a push of a button or jerk of tension, they have a quick release feature that makes them ready for work. Be sure to check them out in our website “Products” section and the upcoming American Towman December issue.

It was also great to be recognized for our team’s attention to detail. Casey was impressed by the impeccable integrity of our detachable towing equipment that is painstakingly fabricated, welded, painted and assembled by expert craftsmen. 

Casey is a true expert in heavy recovery, a really great guy to talk shop with and deserves the millions of views he draws on his channel. We are honored and delighted he decided to give our Zacklift GENESIS 30T a spin and spotlight it in his video series. Be sure to check his channel out here and if you would like to talk with us about getting your own before Casey takes us “viral”... be sure to contact us today! 


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