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Coming in 2022, the new and improved Zacklift

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Future-Proof Your Fleet: Here’s Where the Towing Industry is Going, and How to Stay Ahead of It

The investments you make in your towing equipment this year will either position your business to capitalize on these changes as they happen, or they’ll leave you scrambling to catch up

Multiple Income Sources from One Insurance Payment: Boost your profits with detachable towing equipment

Whether you own a single heavy duty tow truck or you manage a large fleet, you’ve probably noticed insurance rates eating away at your profits.

Introducing the Zacklift QUICK-BACK: Revolutionizing Hook Storage for Wreckers

At Zacklift International, we've been hard at work in the shop, crafting innovative new products to complement our line of detachable wrecking equipment. With ambitious plans for 2024, we're thrilled to unveil our latest towing accessory: the QUICK-BACK quick release tie back.

Winterizing Your Zacklift Detachable Towing Equipment: A Guide to Cold-Weather Maintenance

As winter is now in full force, tis the season for commercial recovery operators and fleet managers to prepare your equipment for the challenges posed by colder temperatures. Among the essential components of a towing fleet, the Zacklift detachable towing equipment requires special attention during winterization to ensure optimal performance, durability, and safety in freezing conditions.

A Visit from Casey LaDelle of Cascade Heavy Rescue

We were thrilled to host Casey LaDelle of Cascade Heavy Rescue at our facility in Cle Elum Washington last month as he attached his new GENESIS 30T to his recently acquired wrecker. Casey featured it on a recent episode of his popular YouTube Channel, explaining how he believes this is a very versatile and cost effective business investment.

Checklist for Preparing Detachable Commercial Towing Equipment

It's time to begin your fall maintenance checklist with a thorough inspection of your Zacklift International detachable towing equipment

Safe Towing: A Guide to Towing Equipment Wiring and Lighting Systems

Safety is always the highest priority in the towing industry. It's important to maintain properly functioning wiring and lighting systems so that your wrecker and disabled vehicle can be seen by other drivers on the road.

Back Country Towing

Wrecker Recovery in Rough Terrain Requires Skill, Patience and the Right Towing Equipment

Zacklift: Past, Present and Future

Zacklift is a quality American company whose reputation for designing and building simple, high-strength towing equipment lasts for generations.


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The Zacklift EZTow-T is better and quicker than decking, boom trailers, boom sticks, and other DTU’s for our driveaway business. It’s so easy and simple for us that my wife plans to get one for herself to use someday soon.

Christopher Burris