Zacklift: Past, Present and Future

June 12, 2023

Zacklift is a quality American company whose reputation for designing and building simple, high-strength towing equipment lasts for generations. Over the past 40 years, the company has been a world leader in heavy duty detachable towing, proving itself in some of the harshest parts of the world, from crude dirt roads in Columbia to toting extremely heavy loads demanded by Australian truckers. Zacklift continues to innovate and make product improvements that will keep them on the map for years to come.

In 1979, Ed Zackovich noticed the traditional method of using a sling and chain to tow automobiles was difficult and often destructive. As cars used more plastic he noticed an opportunity to invent a more convenient towing alternative underlift approach that reduced weight and cost and improved fuel efficiency and overall safety.

Ed started Zacklift in Cle Elum, Washington 30 miles from Snoqualmie Pass, one of the busiest, snowiest passes in the state. He developed the Z5000 Under Lift in 1982, establishing Zacklift as the first U.S. retrofit wheel/frame lift. He and his team continued to produce new heavy duty detachable lifts by increasing lift and reach capacities and patenting the unique products along the way.

Zacklift quickly gained recognition for its innovative design and high-quality manufacturing, and since then has become a trusted name among towing professionals, from small wrecking operations to government fleets.

During the 1990s and 2000s Susan Zackovich, Ed’s daughter, continued to grow the company by establishing dealers all over the world. In 2018 Susan sold Zacklift International to Matthew and Connie Freeborn.

Having owned and operated a small build-to-print shop in the Seattle area manufacturing parts for the aerospace and non-aerospace industries, Mr. Freeborn calls himself a welder by trade and an engineer by education, and has over 35 years of manufacturing experience. He and the Zacklift team are excited to continue to design and develop high quality, durable towing equipment.

The long established Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER models are renowned as the go-to workhorses that the heavy-duty towing industry demands, Engineered for simplicity and built to be bullet proof, each detachable model offers a broad range of reach length, lifting and towing capabilities.

The FIFTHWHEELER entry level Z252 model is designed for lighter towing jobs and can move small to mid-sized motorhomes, box trucks, package delivery vehicles and semi tractors. The Z353 handles more general heavy duty towing and is perfect for moving motorhomes, buses and heavier trucks. For super heavy duty towing needs, Z453 is the ultimate option to move large motorhomes, public buses, cement trucks, or garbage trucks.

All units incorporate a unique formed channel-in-channel under lift boom design that outperforms the competition and responds better when towing on rough roads or when supporting loads that bounce while in tow. Each unit comes loaded with all the basic tools to do the job. A wide range of optional accessories are also available that will make life on the job as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Zacklift's present-day products are equipped with advanced features and technology. These include hydraulic systems for efficient operation, wireless remote controls for improved convenience, and self-loading capabilities to enhance productivity. The company's commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of towing technology has contributed to its continued success in the present market.

Zacklift has recently launched three new products, EZTOW, D-BOOM, and GENESIS. Each of these products is designed for specific users in mind. The EZTOW is the down-and-dirty piece of equipment that is super easy to use. It’s made for simple tractor recovery. The D-BOOM is the first 25 ton add-on boom that moves your operation to the next level. The install is simple, the D-BOOM comes assembled ready for final hookup to your Zacklift FIFWHEELER. If your operation is ready for the next level the GENESIS is for you. This very capable integrated boom is designed for heavy recovery work with a 30 ton boom and 35,000 lb. underlift. These products along with our original Zacklift have many options available including wireless remotes, work lights, tool boxes, and wheel-lifts to name a few. Zacklift now offers 3 standard colors, black, red, and gray.

The future is very bright and exciting for Zacklift. New products like the GENESIS, D-BOOM, and EZTOW are in the pipeline and is only the beginning. Zacklift is continuously improving their products by increasing lifting capacities, adding features, and improving weight distribution.

Matthew Freeborn's dedication to showcasing the capabilities of Zacklift's towing packages underscores the company's commitment to developing equipment that is user-friendly, time-efficient, and adaptable to various towing scenarios. By emphasizing the ease of use and cost effectiveness, Zacklift aims to provide towing professionals with the necessary tools to streamline their operations and enhance overall towing efficiency.

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