Casey LaDelle’s 6-Month Zacklift Review: How it Performed, What He Liked, and the “One Biggest Problem”

April 24, 2024

Six months ago, Casey LaDelle picked up his Zacklift Genesis 30T detachable wrecker.

He immediately put it to work in his Cascade Heavy Rescue fleet doing rollovers, winch outs, heavy towing—everything you’d expect from a heavy wrecker.

“It’s been six months of freezing cold,” he says. “This thing’s had layers of ice on it. It’s had snow piled up on it. It’s been slid over into the ditch itself.”

In other words he made the Genesis his workhorse.

But unbeknownst to us he’s been preparing a full, 6-month review of his experience with the Genesis 30T. He cataloged every issue he’s had since driving away with it. And yesterday he published it on his Youtube channel.

You can watch the whole thing here:

Casey doesn’t pull any punches. He tells you what he liked about his Zacklift but he also describes every single problem he’s had with it—in detail.

Plus he walks you through the one major issue he sees with the Genesis 30T.

We didn’t know this review was coming and we had no input in what he decided to say. But we’re grateful for his honest review so you can see exactly how the Genesis performs in tough, real-world conditions.

Give the video a watch above.

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