Multiple Income Sources from One Insurance Payment: Boost your profits with detachable towing equipment

May 28, 2024

Whether you own a single heavy duty tow truck or you manage a large fleet, you’ve probably noticed insurance rates eating away at your profits.

The cost to insure commercial trucks rose 50% in the last decade alone, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. Which means every hour one of your trucks sits idle, you’re incurring higher expenses than ever that you’re not earning back.

That’s why many heavy duty owner-operators and fleet managers are turning to detachable towing equipment.

In a couple recent videos, Casey LaDelle of Cascade Heavy Rescue described how he maximizes his profits with detachable equipment.

“With as expensive as trucks are getting nowadays and insurance on trucks—insurance is tens of thousands of dollars a year for a truck—it’s making more and more sense to not tie your truck up to one single income source,” he said.

He showed how he quickly swaps between his lowbed trailer and his Zacklift GENESIS 30T, depending on the job that needs doing.

“Ten minutes this whole [Genesis 30T] comes off and I’m a fifth wheel tractor that can go hook to my lowbed,” he said. “Or 10 minutes I can unhook my lowbed and be back to a 30-ton heavy wrecker. That is incredible.”

That kind of versatility gives you a few significant advantages over trucks with permanent equipment.

You Can Take More of the Work That Comes Your Way

If you’ve been at this for a few years, you probably know how towing needs fluctuate with the seasons where you live.

Detachable equipment means your truck or fleet can be geared for towing during high-accident seasons like winter and spring. But you can add in long-distance hauling and other work in the summer.

This works on a weekly and daily basis, too. Sometimes a lucrative job pops up but the truck you have available doesn’t have the right equipment. With detachable gear you can swap in what you need to get the job.

Minimize Operating and Maintenance Costs By Using the Right Tool for the Job

The heavier your rig, the more you’re spending to keep it moving: diesel, tires, brakes, general wear and tear.

With detachable equipment you can have a heavy wrecker when you need it. But when you don’t you can use lighter gear that’s gonna put less stress on your truck and your bottom line.

Make Your Fleet Resilient to Shocks and Changes

If the COVID years showed us anything, it’s that no one knows what’s coming.

Especially with the auto industry inching its way towards electrification and autonomous driving. You can make some educated guesses about how that will impact your business, but the more adaptable your fleet is, the more resilient your business will be.

Detachable equipment means you’re not locked into a single way of making money. So when things change in ways you can’t predict, you can pivot as needed to keep cash flow coming in.

All signs show the costs of trucks and insurance continuing to rise. Those who can make the most money per truck—and per insurance policy—are going to outcompete the market.

Zacklift is the world leader for heavy duty detachable towing equipment. For over 40 years we’ve supplied owner-operators and fleet managers with the highest quality, most innovative detachable equipment on the market to make their businesses as versatile and profitable as possible.

If you’re ready to explore how detachable towing equipment will boost your bottom line, get in touch today.


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