Introducing the Zacklift QUICK-BACK: Revolutionizing Hook Storage for Wreckers

February 19, 2024

At Zacklift International, we've been hard at work in the shop, crafting innovative new products to complement our line of detachable wrecking equipment. With ambitious plans for 2024, we're thrilled to unveil our latest towing accessory: the QUICK-BACK quick release tie back.

The QUICK-BACK: A Game-Changer in Wrecker Hook Storage

Our patent-pending spring release system, the QUICK-BACK, is designed for easy installation and ensures that your wrecker hooks are not only accessible but also under control. With its sleek aesthetic and highly functional design, the QUICK-BACK is set to revolutionize how you view hook storage and function.

Effortless Stowing and Releasing

The Zacklift QUICK-BACK features a spring-loaded release mechanism that eliminates the need for cumbersome handling of cable hooks, making your towing operations as effortless and efficient as possible.

Real-World Testing at Mast Brothers Towing

To ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the QUICK-BACK, we sent prototypes to our friends at Mast Brothers Towing for real-world testing. They replaced their current JerrDan hook holders with the QUICK-BACKS, which were easily installed with a few bolts. Watch the video here to see the easy, installation, and QUICK-BACK in action.

Customizable Options

The QUICK-BACK is available in multiple configurations and is easily adapted for most boom and drag lines.  If you don’t see a setup that works for your rig contact our sales department, we are happy to work with you and your requirements.

Order Yours Today

We are thrilled about the release of the QUICK-BACK and look forward to unveiling more new products throughout 2024. Don't hesitate to reach out today to order your QUICK-BACKs or if you have any questions about other new innovative products.


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